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I went to the post office yesterday afternoon to pick up my shipment of shaving cream samples.  My soap maker has put together many expertly crafted variations of scents for me to choose from.  I still find it incredible that such small variations in the essential oils can dramatically change the way the shaving cream smells. 

When I got home, I quickly opened the packaging and proceeded to line up the small containers.  I flipped open the lid of each one and took a sniff.  I set aside the ones that instantly grabbed me.

Next, I filled my Moss Scuttle with hot water and began to lather each cream.  One by one, I loaded my Plisson brush and proceeded to lather my face.   I did this for every cream, including the ones that did not make the cut at first sniff.   I often read that people make decisions on whether they like a soap or cream just by the scent in the jar, but to truly appreciate how the scent of the oils interact with water and heat, the cream must lathered.  

As the evening progressed, my bathroom filled with various shaving cream scents such as oranges, lavender, oakmoss, cedar, leather, vanilla, tobacco, vetiver, rose, lilly, menthol....etc...etc.... so hard to decide!

After several hours of lathering, rinsing and repeating, I narrowed down my choices.  It wasn't easy but the job is now done.

I'll be announcing the first release of shaving cream scents shortly.

Stay tuned...... 


Have a DeLuxe Shave!

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