Blemished - Retro DeLuxe 30mm Silvertip Shaving Brush

We have a limited number of slightly blemished 30mm Silvertip Brushes.  The blemish refers to the logo not being painted perfectly and you will notice some variation in color.  The performance of the brushes are exactly like our full priced brushes. 

If you're looking for a bargain, this is it!  

Below is the product description for the full price brush:

The Retro Deluxe 30mm Silvertip shaving brush is something special. This brush is built with a tightly packed knot and once broken in, will bloom into a beautiful fan shape. This brush will look great on display in your shave den but its true beauty can best be appreciated when you use it.  Most large Silvertip brushes sell for well over $100.  We're proud to offer this one at a very reasonable price. 

This is a large brush and can at times be a 'lather hog'. This means that all you people who are afraid of using up your soap should stop reading now. On the other hand, if you can see the value of using a lot of soap, which in turn leads to buying and trying new soaps, please read on...

Due to the size of this brush and the characteristics of the Silvertip hairs, it requires a lot of soap to perform well. If sufficient soap loading time is given, you will be rewarded with a wonderful lathering experience. I've found that loading time is typically two to three time longer than I would normally load. Insufficient loading will result in the brush drawing most of the lather into its core leaving very little at the tip. It's worth the time to experiment with this brush, when you get it right, you'll know!

The handle is made from turned resin and comprised of two parts. The teal and black color combination was chosen as a tribute to these classic colors from the 1950's. Very retro and very classy!

Be sure to soak this brush for 5-10 minutes in warm (never boiling) water before use. Hold it upside down, give it a squeeze to remove most of the water, then begin loading. Add drops of water as needed while lathering.

When using this brush for the first time, you may notice an animal hair odor. This is normal and it will go away quickly if you follow these recommended steps:

1. Wash the brush with Dawn or an equivalent antibacterial soap
2. Soak the brush in Dawn soapy water for one to two hours then thoroughly rinse the brush.
3. Lather the brush using a shaving cream or soap of your choice, the stronger the scent, the better. Do not rinse.
4. Let the lathered brush sit for 24 hours.
5. Rinse off the brush.

Following these steps will result in a brush that's a lot less stinky. After a few uses the smell will be totally gone.

The perfect brush for a DeLuxe shave.


Brush type: Badger Silvertip
Handle: Two Piece Turned Resin
Knot Size: 30mm
Loft: 64mm
Overall Height: 120mm

The brush will be bubble wrapped and shipped in a cardboard shipping box.  We opted for simple packaging in order to pass the savings on to you.

Type: Brush

Vendor: DeLuxe Shaving Co.

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