About Us

The DeLuxe Shaving Company was founded on the principal of providing our customers with quality products combined with exceptional customer service. 

Our shaving creams are hand made by local North American artisans who are passionate about their products.  We share in that passion and that is why we're constantly in search of local partners to bring small batches of unique products to market.

The DeLuxe Shaving Company is a small family run business based in Toronto.  We're not a large corporation and we like it that way.  

If you're an artisan interested in partnering with us on a product line, please contact us via email.

You can contact us via email or Twitter using the links below.

Thank you for your business!


DeLuxe Shaving Company

5100 Rutherford Road

P.O. Box 12322

Woodbridge, Ontario

L4H 2J0